Information Security & Cyber

Physical Information Security

We at Shafran understand that people and information, in particular sensitive information, are the heart of any organization and therefore needs to be handled with care. Any leakage of sensitive information may seriously damage the business continuity. 
The mitigation process should, on one hand, include employees’ screening, per their position, and on the other, the classification of the information’s sensitivity. This will ensure a managed, controlled and monitored information access and safeguarding. 

System Penetration Tests

Knowing your system vulnerabilities prior to any actual hostile penetration thus to better understand the weak points, the threats, and the associated risks, all enabling you to better manage the risks and create a more comprehensive threat mitigation plan.

Infrastructure Protection

The development of communication systems in recent decades has affected the national security of countries, including the State of Israel. These systems and their global distribution have caused countries to be exposed to damage to their cyberspace by various and diverse elements, including hostile states, terrorist organizations, criminal elements and even individuals acting out of personal challenge or out of anarchist motives.
It can be argued that future conflicts will change beyond recognition and will be largely based on cyber warfare.
Shafran has the knowledge and ability to conduct risk surveys in securing physical information, provide a security solution that will prevent attacks in the physical space.