System Engineering

Security Engineering

With over 25 years of experience Shafran has the ‘know-how’ and the expertise to intelligently design technological solutions to support the security concept, consequently enabling a secured business operation.

Understanding the associated risks and the core challenges of the business operation is the key to a tailored made security technological design.
Our team is up to date with the cutting-edge technologies and has the background and experience to evaluate their performances and ultimately integrate them into the overall security array.

Testing & Auditing

The efficiency of any technology system relies on its performance and therefore it is crucial to diligently ensure its integrity!

We at Shafran believe that testing and auditing of the technologies should be performed in two segments: first, as the end of any integration project, also referred to as ‘Acceptance Tests’. Second, periodical tests and audits during the day to day routine.

Communication Infrastructure

Shafran provides its clients with consulting and planning services in the areas of low voltage, including communications infrastructure, building control systems, multimedia systems, Wifi and cellular communications and more.