Project Management


Shafran offers complex investigation consultancy and management services, specializing in business and economic inquiries (overt/covert).

The aim is to retrieve valuable information and/or facts to ensure a better understanding of a given situation enabling management to make the right decision.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) specializes in locating suspicious sources of RF energy (bugging devices) to ensure your offices and cell phones are safe and that information is neither recorded nor transmitted by means of covert electronical surveillance devices or software.
Our well-trained and experienced international TCSM team uses state of the art equipment and most importantly, operates discretely. Our team is a member of the Espionage Research Institute international (ERII).

Employee Vetting

‘Knowing who actually enters your company’s employment family’.
Employee vetting should be an integrated phase in the process of new hires. For many years Shafran has been developing and conducting “integrity checks,” aimed and designed to verify the applicant’s/employee’s declared and/or perceived identity and background and locate potential risks. History teaches us that the “price of error” could be inestimably high.
All the information is obtained be legal means and under the law’s restrictions. The scope and depth of the check varies according to the degree of potential risk inherent in the position and are not necessarily based on the status and seniority of the position.

Business Due Diligence

Business Due Diligence is an investigative decision support tool whose purpose is to provide the customer with reliable information on the subjected company and its principals. The business Due Diligence checks ascertains whether the background and the business past activities of the company and its principals, could indicate inherent and/or potential risks.

The investigation includes a comprehensive search of open source databases, retrieving information such as business and personal activities, affiliated companies, shareholders and subsidiaries, legal aspects and even reputation. The scope of the investigation and its focus is pre-coordinated with the client.

Red Teams

Using Red Teams is the most accurate method to check one’s security resilience throughout the chain of command, technology, and procedures.

The aim of the Red Team is to covertly penetrate the given facility without being detected thus revealing its weak points. Once revealed, one can focus on strengthening them resulting a more secured environment.

Table-top simulations

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.
A web-based software application for running different simulations that helps organizations face potential challenges and deal with them as if they were happening in real time- helping them to better prepare for the real thing.
The scenarios may vary according to client’s needs, from crisis management, operation, security, safety, information security, supply chain and more.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is a set of practices employed to preserve profit. Profit preservation is specifically designed to reduce preventable losses by means of deterrence and detection. To reduce the risk of loss, a well thought balance of manpower, technology and procedures are required. That balance is based on a thorough risk assessment on one hand, and fully understanding the client’s operation on the other.

Supply chain security

Understanding that a chain is as strong as its weakest link, it is crucial to ensure that the entire supply chain operate under the same security standards – holistic approach. To minimize disruption to the business commercial operation, these standards are sensibly integrated into them, ultimately creating a more secured environment.